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Doucet + SGI

We are continuing our contribution to our region's future in the form of a Joint Venture with a locally established firm, Doucet & Associates, Inc.!

Doucet & Associates, Inc. was established in Austin, Texas in 1992, and in Roseville, California in 1999.
To become more familiar with Doucet & Associates, Inc. and their history, visit them at their newest website at

Surveyors Group, Inc.
was established in Loomis, California in 1988.
We added Civil Engineering services for our clients in 1999. Our combined service in this region constitutes a combined effort of nearly 50 years!

With our combined core services of Civil Engineering Design & Consulting, Land Planning and Surveying, it is our vision to aggregate our talents and resources to better serve our existing and future clients. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as we turn the corner toward our region's impending prosperity!

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our clients by providing a Quality Service. Our coordinating efforts as a Consultant adds to any Construction/Design Team as a whole.

Together we offer our services for all types of Industrial, Commercial, Private and Public Projects. Our wide range of clients through the years has enabled us to become familiar with all aspects of the industry.

Please take a moment to browse through some examples of some of the challenges in Land Surveying, Mapping & Civil Engineering which Surveyors Group, Inc. has met and surmounted in those years!

Park Plaza
Park Plaza, for instance:

Bounded by Fairway Drive, Pleasant Grove Blvd., Highland Park Drive and the City Park Site in Roseville, Park Plaza is a signature retail site for the City of Roseville. This project was an example of the benefits of having a Civil Engineering Department and a Surveying Department under one roof for our clients. 

Our Survey Department provided the original Topographic Survey for design purposes. Our Civil Department first provided the mass grading design for the site. This enabled our client to mine the site of excess material in order to bring it to street level.

Our Civil Department then, working in conjunction with the Architect, the Developer and the City of Roseville Planning Department, provided the Civil Improvement Plans for the site. It was extremely challenging to balance the City's and the Developer's design criteria, as well as the ADA requirements (which govern accessibility) against the 10 foot fall from Highland Park Drive to Fairway Drive.

Our Survey Department provided the staking for the mass grading, and drafted then processed the Parcel Map of Park Plaza, which subdivided the property to allow the Developer to sell individual buildings such as the Nugget Market Parcel. We also provided additional topographic survey work to design the transition from the lowered site to the adjacent park site, and generated and submitted for Recording the various Easement Descriptions necessary to make the project work.

This impressive site is only one example of the benefits provided by working with Surveyors and Civil Engineers whose experience runs the gamut from Mapping to Preliminary Grading, through Improvement Plans to Construction Staking!